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Brno 1965

Brno 1965 1.0.1

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Here is a conversion of a really old GPL track from 2005 by @Sergio Loro and Team Brno. This conversion was made with the permission of @Sergio Loro.

This is a 13 km long road course through the streets of Brno, Czechoslovakia (Now, Czech Republic) that was used from 1965 to 1974.

Most of the textures have been remade, either through deep-learning upscaling or completely re-creating them. Everything now has normal maps, emissive maps, reflection maps, and specularity maps. Windows are reflective during the day and lit at night. This took a really long time and I never want to do it again (haha). This track is also RainFX ready (with Custom Shaders Patch rain preview versions).

This track has AI but it could be better. There are probably a few bugs as well, but it's huge and I've been working on this thing for months so it was time to get something out there.

Custom Shaders Patch is required. It's been tested with version 0.1.62, 0.1.66, and 0.1.67 preview 1. It's not guaranteed to work with any previous version.




Unzip into your tracks folder or just drag onto content manager.

Latest updates

  1. 1.0.1 Small update

    Ok, so this will probably be the final update for a while. Sorry for the repetitive updates...
  2. 1.0 Release

    Fixed AI side-lines Added collision to some objects that it was missing from before Added...

Latest reviews

Very interesting to recreate the ETCC, but too smooth for an old road, I hope an update for five stars.
Many thanks!
Great track, but I never saw that much 2D models on a track, its looking now very outdated in VR. As an sample the razor sharp guardrail, repeating 2D spectators on the tribune and the green solid walls, its not helping for immersive racing impression.
I remember driving this track on gtr2 back in the day, and now its back.
Thanks a lot for this upload,it brings back a lot of good memories
Wonderful historic track, great detail, fantastic flow!
and now with the cameras. Over the top!! Thanks for this.
Thank you, this is a historic track from my hometown. Thank you very much, GutBomb!!
THX!!!! Excellent
Great addition to AC, excellent work, thanks for sharing
Hey, great track and sooo much work put in. Brilliant work. Thanks so much. The standard of this mod is very high. Just added onto my channel with gameplay :) https://youtu.be/ZL8O00hcH6g
Thank =)
Thank You
Great job!

1949 version is available for F1C and GPL. Currently GPL and F1C communities are working on Brno 1937 version.

Thank you! I just went through my collection of GTR2 tracks to see what wasn't in AC. This was one of them. A really fun track to drive, nice textures and coloring. I'm sure there are folks who prefer more modern tracks, but many of the old GPL tracks -- like this one -- are little works of art. (Now, if Torino 55, Preluk 74, and Donnybrooke would just make their way to AC...)
Donnybrooke could be coming sooner than you think...
Thank You =)
Thank you so much! Roads where I learned how to drive a car and a fantastic race track. I still hope somebody will create the original lenght, 30 km version, but still skvělá práce! :-)
thank You for all the effort on this track.
I just enjoy driving it.
I live near of this track and driving there every day many times.
Ive been waiting long time for someone convert this track also to the AC (i did many laps on rFactor). Big thanks! :)
Brilliant. Many thanks.
Will there be TV Cam in the future?
Yeah someone on GTplanet made some cams for it last night and I’m planning on including them in the next update. Thanks for the review!
Much better than the present day track. Thanks Gutbomb
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4.83 star(s) 23 ratings

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