British License / Number Plates ver.1

A small assortment of British License Plates.

  1. velofosse
    BRIT PLATES ON bmw_m3_e46_30-6-2016-17-10-39.jpg Plate_D.jpg A small assortment of British License plates for your Assetto Corsa cars. They are all rear plates as I note that nearly all Kunos cars only have plates on the rear. There are Non EU plates, but mostly are EU.
    Usual format copy the .dds files into your chosen skin ( and
    There will be more to follow and I will make plates to order if I get any requests. I have added Garage/Dealership info on the plates.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Paul McCluskey
    Paul McCluskey
    Version: ver.1
    thanks, just too note the scottish non EU plates has a typo, it's KIRKCALDY NOT KIRCALDY :)
    1. velofosse
      Author's Response
      thanks , I will change it:
  2. ScuderiaVeloce
    Version: ver.1
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