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BRAZIL (Interlagos) 2017 HYPER REAL 1.5

Sponsors, Tyre Walls from F1 2016, Pit Walls, HD Textures

  1. Daniel Paez
    BRAZIL (Interlagos) 2017 HYPER REAL 1.0
    Based, one more time, on Espectacular Mod 2016 by Neffo`s


    - New Sponsors (Pirelli, Rolex, Fly Emirates, DHL, Heineken: Hyper Reals Banners)
    - Tyre Walls from F1 2016
    - Rolex Clock from Real Life
    - Pit Walls 2017, all teams
    - New Front Banner Main Crowd "S" Senna
    - Terrain Banners at Box Line
    - Box Banners 2017 (Adapted)
    Sorry for My Fatal English
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Recent Reviews

  1. SERCAG29
    Version: 1.5
    Hola otro gran trabajo como siempre. Quería saber si me podes decir cómo hago para que los cascos no se deformen? bueno vos sabes que yo uso la ferrari de los 70 años y el casco de Sebastian está deforme, pero yo me parece que tiene que ver con la database de Pedro, porque con otra database se ve bien la de krisskris por ejemplo se ve correctamente, cómo puedo solucionarlo?
  2. vaseamarchenko
    Version: 1.0
    Hello Daniel, very nice mods. I downloaded all your circuits but last ones: Texas and Brasil I cannot open. Its damaged archive. Can you please check if your uploaded archive is ok?
    1. Daniel Paez
      Author's Response
      Hello!. Thanks!. Please, download the last Updates from both circuit and intal on CIRCUIT CARPET. I downloaded two tracks a moment ago, intaled and run perfect. Lucky for you!
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