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BrawnGP BGP-010 complete team mod for Mercedes W10

BrawnGP BGP-010 complete team mod for Mercedes W10 2.0

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Hi Everyone and welcome to my first ever mod for F1 2019, and also my first mod ever.

This mod replaces the Mercedes W10 livery for what might have been a possible BrawnGP livery in the 2019 Hybrid Era.

Want your driver number on the car. Send me a message with your number and email and I will send it to you with instructions.

I want to give an absolutely massive thanks to Daniel Crossman for letting me use his Livery Design.

Find Daniel on:
- Instagram
- See his other work on Behance

Also a shoutout to Peter Roche Racing for helping me solve some issues I had at first. Definitely go check out his mods on his profile! His Ford Haas mod is the best in the business.

Last but not least a special thanks to my Friend William, and his immense knowledge of Formula 1 for helping me choose the sponsors and assisting me with small changes

Just unzip the .rar file and inside you will find installation instructions!

If you have any feedback or other comments, do not hesitate to reach out to me. You can find me here or if you want to catch me quicker you can also reach out to me on Instagram!

Some In-Game Pictures of the mod:

Monaco-1.jpg Monaco-2.jpg Monaco-3.jpg Singapore-1.jpg Singapore-2.jpg Singapore-3.jpg

Latest updates

  1. The Big Team Update

    Update log: Garage and team apparel update replaces all the Mercedes-Amg Petronas branding to...
  2. 1.1 Various Updates

    Update log: - Updated Sponsors: Adobe Removed Henry Lloyd Removed, Virgin Added...

Latest reviews

Could i get a number 46 for my car??? My email is: Cityboyzztourzz69@gmail.com
Could I get a number 34 for my car? My mail ID is : siddharth05744@gmail.com
bonjour je voudrais le numero 24 si possible me contacter a l'adresse mail : louischardon19@gmail.com
Normalement 24 se trouve déja dans le mod. Mais c'ést le nom de mon pilote.
As first mod this is really good job my friend. But I would say Brawn was more like matte white? Also if i can request something I would love Williams FW 14 on Williams chassis because I see lack of good Williams skins.
Hi, Thanks for the review. I'll make sure to look into the matte white. I'll have a look into the FW14 as well. Although the Williams chassis might have it's limitations.
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