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Someone should redo this in a proper way !
Undriveable bumps, Most parts too wide, Corners aren't right, threes are mess...

I also hit invisible wall in the track next to 50M board before Stirlings bend.

Someone should test drive these before release. One star is too much in current state.
Track is too bumpy in places, only 2 pit boxes and most the corners aren't quite right.
Thanks for your work!
I really love this track IRL but this version is way too bumpy. Even road cars with suspension set to soft get unsettled in much of the track and become impossible to drive (well at least impossible to drive at the limit).

Thanks for the effort and look forward to future updates.
Ok track, but some trees are a bit bugged.
Hi, pits working..........But , i´ve tryed to make a race and it´s not working ?
Is that normal ?

Thanks for your work ;)
Agree with Charging...while it's great to see this track, I don't think it merits the 1.0 release number. If work is done to bring it to par with good game tracks like Snoopy's Nord mod, the lasar scanned tracks provided by the team, it will be a decent mod.
Nice work . thanks
much too bumpy
I'm gnna hav to reduce d score from 4 stars to 2. there are multiple instances of shadows on d edge of d track actin like invisible boulders which d cars ram into makin this track un-suitable for racing. these glitches need fixin bfore any type of ai/online race takes place.
So disappointing , track after track not accurate at all , very poorly put together why call it a 1.0 mod when clearly its a 0.1 attempt ,
Kunos created assetto corsa to be mostly created originqal content from the modding community , and over at AC there is some really talented track builders who are going to great lenghs to make tracks that are not lazerscanned has detailed as possible spending hours upon hours , comparing against real life tracks and lazerscanned tracks from iracing ,
this track is dreadfful why try converting something from a mediocre game makes zero sense for next gen graphics!!
nice job

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