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brands-hatch-indy 0.98

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Latest updates

  1. updated 0.98

    fixed skidmarks changed grass adjusted grip levels and penalty

Latest reviews

Good job thnx
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nice work
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Great effort. : )
Its a bit too wide and the elevation is slightly too much but its very close. Road and grass texture could do with a buff, however trackside buildings look great.
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Best mod of this great circuit out so far.
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Thank you. Good job, Albert.
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Great track, thanks for your efforts.
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The track is great and I love racing on it. the only thing I would ask is if the dev can improve the grass texture. Some better texture and 3d grass would go a long way. Other than that I'm so happy this is in Assetto Corsa.
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Glad to have this track. Brands Indy has been a favorite test track.
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Cool track. i didn't wait such fun and quality from this.. But it is really do. Must to enjoy and drive
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Great fun :D
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Albert McSaltens
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