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Brands Hatch GT3 AI

Brands Hatch GT3 AI 0.2

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Redone AI lines, pit and sidelines for brands hatch. General pace improvement and some improved ability to overtake and defend.

AI can screw up turn 1 and go wide.

Intended for GT3 cars or slower, F1 cars are too fast for this track.

Need to hold shift when loading the sim to load sidelines properly

real targets brands.PNG

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Latest updates

  1. update pits

    cars should have harder time hitting wall at cost of pit entry speed

Latest reviews

Dude.... Did you not notice that the AI still drives into the wall at the entrance to the pits? It's doing exactly the same as the original that was made by the "game's developers". Obviously nobody in thier organization thought it good practice to do proper testing before releasing it. Your version does the same as the original. I hoped that you would've solved this problem, but you didn't... But thanks anyway... the rest is good.
max kagan
max kagan
It depends on the car if it hits the wall or not. I solved it for gt3 cars in my testing of it. I can take a look and see if another line would be helpful. You can't add Ai danger hints to the pit lane spline, so that may be why kunos struggled with it.
max kagan
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