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BR Petrobras Williams-Mercedes Benz Team Pack 1.0

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Finally done. Done in 3 sizes (the 3 sizes only include the car. The rest is the same size)
DHD,HD,SD size for the cars
Car numbers are done according to 2014 ones, as well as Massa as number one driver.
Ingame name isn't changed so you can use this teampack online too. When I will have time (in months time ) , if some of you request it I can make a seperate database for offline use which changes the names.
This is my final work for this game. And for months my last too unfortunately as I have problems in real life.
Car is completely redone, textures,logos, nuts,screws,etc
Pitcrew,Racecrew,Driver suits, in car driver suits, driver helmets, cutscene suits, helmets, steering wheel, garage. Everything is done.

Hope you guys enjoy this big teampack :sneaky:
Pictures below:

Don't mistake: This pics was made long time ago(I'm talking about the pics below this text ) and the number has been changed to 2014 numbers since then. I made the car when there was no rule about having permanent numbers. Now the car numbers are correct according to 2014 season.

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Latest reviews

really good
Excelent job but you need made a new skin by Martini sponser! ;-)
I can't use my PC for months so it is unlikely I will make another one. Also i'm not interested in this game anymore because of lack of modding
Amazing !!!!!
Nagyon jól néz ki !!!
In english :) ( am kösz :d )
Looking Great. Greatwork budy.
Looks really good
Very good! complete package!

Only two observations:

Petrobras said in Brazil that will not sponsor cars or drivers in F1 in 2014. In 2015 a team will look to make partnership in the area of technological research. But said it would not put its brand Petrobras in cars, helmets or uniforms.

In the pilot menu:
Photo of Felipe Massa by the name of Pastor Maldonado

The general idea is very good. The car paint is show! Congratulations!
Thanks for the positive critism . I didn't change the name because you can play online with this way. As i write in the resource I can make a proper Massa named database but that would have made you unable to play online
Secondly I choose Petrobras cause I couldn't think of any other proper brazilian sponsor other than Petrobras. I didn't know that information about Petrobras not sponsoring f1teams in real life. That is why this teampack is just "fictional". But thanks even for the 4 star rating. You're the first one who wrote a proper opinion and reasons behind the rating. I appreciate that.
Awesome Work :)
Thanks mate and unfortunately my last one for this disappointing game.
Great !
Good job
Thanks mate I was waiting at this
Nice job!