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Bonnet with Pod Offset and New Pods 1.3

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View is more central like real life t-cams, big improvement over my first pod camera version. I have blended together each team's 75% pod values with 25% bonnet values respectively. Makes very nice pod cameras indeed!
I welcome your feedback.
f1_2013 2013-11-18 23-49-43-98.jpg f1_2013 2013-11-18 23-52-14-13.jpg f1_2013 2013-11-18 23-54-10-46.jpg f1_2013 2013-11-18 23-55-05-23.jpg f1_2013 2013-11-18 23-56-33-68.jpg f1_2013 2013-11-18 23-57-22-51.jpg f1_2013 2013-11-18 23-58-13-27.jpg f1_2013 2013-11-18 23-59-11-51.jpg f1_2013 2013-11-19 00-00-01-46.jpg f1_2013 2013-11-19 00-00-50-92.jpg
I have supplied the original bonnet only files, along with adding new pod cameras for all 2013 teams. This time I used the 'pitch' value of the original pod to edit the modded bonnet and used that coding for the new pod cam with each individual team.

f1_2013 2013-11-16 11-24-36-73.jpg f1_2013 2013-11-16 11-25-20-77.jpg f1_2013 2013-11-16 11-26-13-40.jpg f1_2013 2013-11-16 11-27-01-56.jpg f1_2013 2013-11-16 11-27-44-55.jpg f1_2013 2013-11-16 11-28-35-30.jpg f1_2013 2013-11-16 11-29-30-13.jpg f1_2013 2013-11-16 11-30-19-85.jpg f1_2013 2013-11-16 11-31-03-81.jpg f1_2013 2013-11-16 11-31-51-77.jpg