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Bonnet with Pod Offset and New Pods 1.3

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I simply took each 2013 team's pod offset 'x' value and replaced the bonnet offset 'x' value with that value. Works very well indeed!

f1_2013 2013-11-15 12-23-43-04.jpg f1_2013 2013-11-15 12-24-27-23.jpg f1_2013 2013-11-15 12-25-11-53.jpg f1_2013 2013-11-15 12-25-56-40.jpg f1_2013 2013-11-15 12-26-41-45.jpg f1_2013 2013-11-15 12-27-25-03.jpg f1_2013 2013-11-15 12-28-09-54.jpg f1_2013 2013-11-15 12-29-00-24.jpg f1_2013 2013-11-15 12-29-51-72.jpg f1_2013 2013-11-15 12-31-20-12.jpg

Updated with new pod cams:
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Latest updates

  1. Improved Pod cams (much better than update 2)

    View is more central like real life t-cams, big improvement over my first pod camera version. I...
  2. Added new pod cams

    I have supplied the original bonnet only files, along with adding new pod cameras for all 2013...

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What I wanted. Thank you!
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