bmw_m3_e36 mod soundfix after 1.0 rc 2014-10-24

bmw_m3_e36 sound in the new format ,used v-tec sound from civic

  1. Robert vd Heide
    its not authentic sounds
    but at least those "silent "mods can be driven again
    until a better solution is there

    it works easy,,pick mods bank file and guid from similair class car,or wich sound you like
    change the name of the bank file in the name of the car you want to use it with
    open the guid file,,and paste the car name on all lines over the existing car name

    at least a manner to keep using those mods we rally dont want to miss

    DOWNLOAD goes in SFX folder of bmw_m3_e36

Recent Reviews

  1. Lifer
    Version: 2014-10-24
    Thanks, the sounds now working, but the model is not in the RC. :( In car glass i see some black dots, and the driver position is not good too... :/ I hope the author will make the updated version to the 1.0RC.
    1. Robert vd Heide
      Author's Response
      can use the ingame apps at the right side to change view position and chair up down fwd bckwd
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