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BMW Z4 GT3 & Z4i35 Angel Eyes Mod 1.6

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BMW Z4GT3 & Z4 i35 Angel Eyes v1.6


On track - Lights off

On track - Lights on

The basic texture for this mod has been recreated from scratch and features double the resolution of the default light texture, high res carbon fibre and metal textures as well as (static) lense and dirt reflections.

In the zip you'll find a bunch of different lights which vary in terms of eye color and the coloring of the surrounding parts.

Just pick the one you prefer, extract it into the folder of the skin of your choice (eg. bmw_z4_gt3/skins/marc_vds_2013) and rename it to "lights_d2" (without the "").

In case you want to use these lights for the road version of the Z4, just extract the preferred light set to the bmw_z4/skins/colour_xy directory and rename it as aforementioned. Note though that the emissive light may look slightly off in some places.

V1.0 Initial release
V1.1 Added red (Devil) Angel Eyes
V1.2 Added blue/black Eyes and an overview over all available variants
V1.3 Recreated the entire texture from scratch, used better res and more details. Also changed the emissive light on yellow, red and blue angel eyes to their corresponding color (see variants).
V1.4 Reverted resolution back to default size (512x512) due to not yielding too much visual improvement while introducing new downsides. Also added two new versions with low beams (white/yellow) turned on.
V1.5 Completely revamped the light bulb texture, added low beam variants to each available color, fixed some details
V1.51 Added additional parts variants back in, replaced red light set with bronze light set
V1.6 Various minor tweaks and changes

Feel free to use and modify the lights as you wish! Enjoy!

Kunos Simulazioni for creating Assetto Corsa
OD971 for beam & light bulb textures - thanks mate!
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Latest updates

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  2. Minor version increase, major update

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  3. Angel Eyes v1.5

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great mod
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Thank you! :)

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