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BMW Z4 GT3 sound mod by Frank Alexandre 1.1

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  1. BMW Z4 GT3 sound mod by Frank Alexandre 1.1

    Transmission and other sound tweaks.

Latest reviews

Spot on for me :) Thanks aLot!
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This needs work. It doesn't sound aggressive like in the Interlagos video that you linked in response to another video. Fonsecker already has a spot-on sound mod for this car. My suggestion would be to make some sound mods for road cars like the McLaren MP4-12C and Mercedes SLS AMG. The default sounds for those cars are pretty awful and could use some replacing. Fonsecker has yet to do either of those (I don't think he plans to, either), so this is your time to shine. I will say, at least you didn't pull an EA and make it sound like a V6. Good first attempt, you'll get better as you learn.
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Not perfect, but also not that bad :) Keep it up mate! It's very good for a first attempt! Don't feel desencoraged :) It has some pro's and con's.
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you made transmission sound like a turbo :/
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Pretty spot on!
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i just hear to mush rpm, listen to videos from GT3-Z4...
Frank Alexandre da Silva
Frank Alexandre da Silva
Thanks for feedback. It is close to my ears. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNDI9bSrbw8
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Frank Alexandre da Silva
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