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BMW Z4 GT3 - Fictional Movie Brands 2015-04-16


  1. ecstaticbrick
    Never done a skin before so hopefully my first attempt is up to spec. I love driving this car and it looks great so I had to play around with the paint scheme. Livery made from fictional Movie & TV brands/ companies. Feedback, good or bad is welcome as I want to get better. Showroom_bmw_z4_gt3_16-3-2015-23-37-6.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Grand Tourist
    Grand Tourist
    Version: 2015-04-16
    Keep the stripes, lose the logo's. The stripes seem to follow the line of the car pretty well, important to accentuate its appeal. The logo's look a bit messy and random. I'd say take one major logo to put on the sides, hood and/or rear wing, preferrably not a movie logo but a racing or real sponsor logo, then add some minor logo's and put them on the bumpers or beneath the windows....play with it until it looks organised and clean. Also important, add number plates with an official race event or organisation to make it more real and people want to take it to a virtual race. I see from the striping you've got potential, just keep experimenting. Have a good look at other skins too. I'm sure you'll improve. Certainly not bad for now....oh and some more screens are welcome too.
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