BMW Sauber Custom Skin

BMW Sauber Custom Skin 1.2

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hey ho, vtec just kicked in yo.

here i provide you BMW Sauber. done in HD for both cars & steering wheels. will replace sauber.
it's just custom/"what if" livery. not related to F1.06 to F1.09.
thanks to ML2166 & chargingcar for 3D models of car & steering wheel .
cannot add any more details due to limitations which the model has.
avaliable on 2013 number ver for those who keep the database original, and 2014 number for those who use Luna's 2014 database mod.
remember due by model changes, you can't use this car for online play.
copy the version that you desires to :
cars : <Drive>/Steam/SteamApps/common/F1 2013/cars/sa2
steering wheel(interiors) : <Drive>/Steam/SteamApps/common/F1 2013/interiors/sa2
alright then, enjoy



SOME NOTES : if you don't like the car's reflection in current version, you can copy the materials.xml from the other cars located in <Drive>:\Steam\SteamApps\common\F1 2013\cars. choose the 2013 cars (rb2 to mr2) copy & paste that to the sa2 folder. after that you can do a test until you satisfied with the result
Henky SA
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  1. sharpening the textures

    nothing change. just sharpening the logo by altering the value of MIPmaps. same treatment as my...
  2. minor fixes

    a minor fixes. have changed the level of specocc & altered the material.xml so you will get the...

Latest reviews

Awesome! Dunno if it's my PC's graphic capability or something but this car becomes invisible in a certain distance.
Can you make a Fantasy Brabham BMW livery with Qantas, Sofina, CloverWorks and Michelin sponsors for F1 2018? It will replace Sauber but I think you should make it on Williams Chassis.

Cloverworks Sponsor:

The Livery that look like:
Looks really good! I just started a new career with Sauber so this was perfect.
Amazing! Thanks for making this, I wonder if you could make a Ferrari F10 on a Marussia chassis?
Hello. I have trouble with replacing the wheel. The textures get replaced but the wheel does not, so it looks really strange...
Henky SA
Henky SA
Looks incredible, perfect job
Henky SA
Henky SA
thanks so much :D
Awesome but the car disappears unless I'm very close to it (I'm using low graphics cause of my laptop). Any suggestions on how to fix it?
Henky SA
Henky SA
it might the bug when you run with low settings.
i run my game with mix of medium and high setting, and never experienced the bug.
maybe you can try HighLOD improvements by vlasovas that would fix some graphic bug. i've experienced some skins messed up. but after installed HighLOD it has been fixed.
for alternative try copy all files & folders located in mc2's cars & interiors in your game, rename it to sa2, exports all textures in my files then import them again to your game files.
any further discussions let's talk in discussion tab.
and thanks :D
Henky SA
Henky SA
thanks mate :)
awsome :D
Henky SA
Henky SA
thanks buddy! :D
I really like it, but I'm having some issues with the Sauber vehicles disappearing completely unless I'm really close to them. May have something to do with my low visual settings (playing on a craptop).
Henky SA
Henky SA
thanks buddy. :D
really? i've never experienced that. never see sauber cars disappearing completely in any distance in my game. it could be the bug.
well i import the mclaren model, rename everything from sa2/cars and sa2/interiors so the original model would be replaced. any further discussions let's chat on discussion tab/thread. i'll reply it tomorrow :)
Love it!!! Awesome skin, only improvement would be to put it on a different car (like the Sauber). Well done.
Henky SA
Henky SA
thanks mate!
make the skin for sauber model it's really hard TBH due to limitations of the model has so i can't put many details to sauber model. so i use mclaren model & changes the files so sauber can use this car. mclaren model have a less limitations so i can put some details even though not 100% close.
11/10 would download again
Henky SA
Henky SA
thanks mate.
i honestly didn't like the old level bcoz it's showing a white pearl color instead of bright white. i made 3 specocc and try them one after another. then i got dark grey + grey specocc combination & copied the Williams' materials.xml to achieve the proper white & blue.
Nice Skin, and i just finish repair my Space disk by Hardisk, can downlaod again
Henky SA
Henky SA
Great job!
Henky SA
Henky SA
thanks :D
Henky SA
Henky SA
thank you! :D
Henky SA
Henky SA
glad you like it mate. thanks!
Nice skin, Henky, great work ;)
Henky SA
Henky SA
thanks! :D
Henky SA
Henky SA
*heavy breathing*
Great work m8 ))
Henky SA
Henky SA
thanks m8 :D