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BMW Motorsport

BMW Motorsport 1.0

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I present you my first mod Formula 1 BMW Motorsport Team. It's my first mod so it is not the best.
Short Backstory:
Renault after a lot of years of struggling to score points decided to sold team. Only BMW were interested, so they bought team for only symbolic $100. Will they do the same thing as Brawn GP did? Lets see...

This mod includes
career hub decors
pitcrew (now only pitcrew.erp)
car livery with decals

Here are some images:
1 BMW onboard.jpg
1 BMW normal.jpg
BMW floating camera.jpg
BMV TV1.jpg
BMW pitcrew camera.jpg
BMW pitstop.jpg
nice screen.jpg

What this mod will contain in future:
caps and helmets
full garagecrew and crew
and some other cool things.

I hope you like this mod, reviews are welcome and tell me what I can fix
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