BMW Motorsport Full Package MyTeam Mod (MODULAR MODS)

BMW Motorsport Full Package MyTeam Mod (MODULAR MODS) 3.0

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1st image-min.png

BMW returns to Formula 1 as the 11th team!

-download MODULAR MODS Base files
-install it (copy and paste)
-install my mod (copy and paste too)
-selects all BMW items once in the game
-done !



1st livery-min.png
2nd livery addon-min.png
3rd livery-min-min.png


the use of this mod during a youtube video or stream is ALLOWED under the condition of giving credit of course ;)


Now go on track and have fun ! Bring BMW back to the top of the podium ! ;)


El Moustachos.

Latest updates

  1. Third Livery Addon !

    I have added via this update, a 3rd delivery available for your MyTeam careers! :)
  2. 2.1 Update

    problem with the 2nd livery addon fixed
  3. 2.0 UPDATE !

    very big update today: added careerhub, garage livery, the 2 updated liveries, showroom etc...

Latest reviews

Absolute Perfection.
good work
Very nice work! Love it
Amazing job, what a beauty!!

Would there be any chance that this could be altered to fit the Williams team ?
El Moustachos
El Moustachos
hi! sorry my friend, it's not possible.. This mod is only compatible with the "MyTeam" mode

but there is a great mod created by @MarkFelix, williams BMW :
Great stuff
Fantastic job! The painting and all the work is really phenomenal!
Ps.: a question: The files in the Optional folder, if I decide to use them, should I put them in the active folder too?
El Moustachos
El Moustachos
Hi! First of all, thank you very much

so for the files in the "OPTIONAL" folder, they are the ones given with MODULAR MODS base files, I didn't touch them, and yes, if you want to use them, you have to put them in the "ACTIVE" folder ;)
F****** Awesome Work!!!!! Great Job, Mate!!!!!
Love it
El Moustachos
El Moustachos
thx you so much !!!
Thanks for adding a vanilla install!
El Moustachos
El Moustachos
you're welcome my friend, enjoy ;)
Awesome work!
El Moustachos
El Moustachos
thx !!! <3
El Moustachos
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