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BMW M6 Dashboard for SimHub 0.9

A brand new realistic dashboard for the Beta 0.3 of ACC

  1. A lot of FIX, and new stuff (Pit Limiter...) read full changelog

    [ADD] Pit Limiter (Symbol, LED bar and left LED blue)
    [NEW] Blinking Engine for Improved pages
    [FIX/NEW] Fuel bar updated to Liters + text info
    [FIX] Two digits after the point for tyres pressure
    [FIX] Font size on rear left tyres pressure
    [FIX] Brake Bias Box
    [HIDE] No data for TC/MAP/ABS... for now
    [FIX] Breaks/Tyres outside of screen
    [FIX] A lot of things useless (color...)
    [KNOW ISSUE] FuelMax is not completely OK for now...
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