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BMW M4 Hungarian Number Plate 2.0

Hungarian number plate for BMW M4

  1. Razor920
    I made a hungarian number plate for the BMW M4 & M4 Akrapovic. This mod is not made only for this specific model, but this is my dream car, and i feel it much closer to me with this hungarian number plate... Anyway, i'm hungarian, of course. :D

    This mod is made with official hungarian "MSZ 140/1990" number plate standards. (Font type, size) etc.. and by the official hungarian BMW number plate "standard".

    Enjoy! ;) :)

    New 2.0 version:

    Old 1.0 version:
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Recent Reviews

  1. IgnLasXav
    Version: 1.0
    oszt bojler eladó? :D
    1. Razor920
      Author's Response
      Villany! 300e.
  2. starthere
    Version: 1.0
    Ötletes, de hol vannak róla a matricák? :D
    1. Razor920
      Author's Response
      Köszönöm! :) Milyen matricákra gondolsz? ^^