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BMW M4 GT3 2022 Dashboard - Simhub

BMW M4 GT3 2022 Dashboard - Simhub 3.1

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Fixed some error in the logic and colors.
So i finally fund some hi-res pictures of the screen and could then correct and add a bunch of things:

  • Ignition off static warning in the center of the screen
  • Ignition change notice.
  • "fake" Info for AC and FAN1
  • Adjusted Beam to include Hi-beam and rain lights.
  • Over the finish notification for laptime and delta (dont know if i am fetching the wrong value.
  • Bunch of color corrections
  • limiting the TYRE name to 9 characters.

The night screen will share the widget of the day dash. maybe something for a future update.
Fund a picture in a promotion that shows the dash in what look like night mode.
So i added one, with the same function but where everything is orange.
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Tested for ACC and seems to work :D let me know if I missed anything.

  • Added Popup notice when Map is change.
  • Added "beam" light in ACC.
  • Added "Flash" Notice in ACC.
  • Ensued that the indicator lights are flashing when R/L indicator is shown.
  • Fixed some spelling errors.
  • Fixed the Gear test that somehow got lost... :)
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Found even more ref pictures that shows that there is a big notice popping up when the ABS, BB, TC, And FAN is change so i made a notification that pops up.

MAP and the ALS change place as they are different in IRacing then reality.

Ignition is now covering the ALS with "OFF"

Indication warning is there, but i have not tried it on ACC and i dont work in AC... :)
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  • BEAM notification for headlights, but as far as i know simhub don't have data telemetry... or?
  • Added Low Fuel warning the way i think warning are displayed. 5 liters or less.
  • ignition off warning where the map is - it how i think the warning looks from the fuzzy pictures.
  • added breaker pressure value in the mail screen.
  • changed from 1/1000 to 1/100 in lap timing.
More ref :D

Fixed some misalignment and formatting
I found some new pictures where BMW M an engineer is showing some features in the Track Cockpit where it says something OFF. So I have to assume it is the Engine off warning... and that the color of the tyre is also red not only yellow.

It also say "full" where the map is shown, but i can not figure it out...:p