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BMW M3E92 GTR 1.0

BMW M3E92 GTR mod by Smokey1226

  1. Franklin Stegink
    Thank You to "Selley' for his GTR2 Version & giving LifeRS permission to convert this Great Mod to rfactor, which my GSC conversion wouldn't be possible.
    Thank You to LifeRS for his permission to convert his rfactor version of this Mod to GSC. Also Thank You to the following people who helped LifeRS for his conversion:


    - FABBY

    - MERLIN75



    - SCCA1981 - SCARFACEHOOD - MAC10 -

    - Greenhellfan - Synaptik1

    - Cobr@

    - Michael Herrmann

    Also Thank You to yuken84 for helping me with converting Mods to GSC.
    Thanks to Reiza Studios for a Great Sim.


    1. BMW_M3E92 GTR.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Danny Walker
    Danny Walker
    Version: 1.0
    Thanks for this Lil Mod it is Really Neat!...........................=)
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