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BMW M3 Skins & Extras by Digigrafet 1.6

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I will be including all my skin packs and resource packs in one large file that will be updated regularly as I release new content. The file will likely become very large at some point but I will also keep individual links in this thread so users can download components of the larger pack as smaller stand alone downloads. smaller links above pack cover pics below.
Click here to download M3 GT2 Skin pack 1 only: (updated 12.2.13)

Click here to download M3 GT2 Tire pack 1 only:

Click here to download M3 GT2 Skin pack 2 only: (updated 12.2.13)

Click here to download M3 GT2 Tire Skin pack 2 only:

Click here to download M3 E92 Drift Livery pack 1 only:

Initial release version included 11 skins for the M3 GT2 and 11 individual tire sets that can be used on these or any other livery for the car by copy / pasting the four tire files into the directory of your desired livery. Subsequent releases include a large addition to the tire options for these cars covering most major tire brands as well as a tire pack for the M3 E92.

Tire Pack 2.0 for the BMW M3 GT2 Added 12.01.2013
Now Available in Main resource: GSR E92 Drift Livery

M3 E92 Drift Pack 1 Complete (see pics)

BMW M3 GT2 Skins (packs 1 and 2 shown)

Tim Brokaw
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 11 ratings

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WoW. Makes me drive BMW now. Looking great. Thank you for the time you spent designing !!!
BIG work, Man ;))
Awesome! Thanks for sharing ^_^
Awesome work. Thaks for sharing
Excellent stuff!!
Wow, this is really awesome! Thanks a lot!
Great job! Don't Stop! ;-)
Endless combinations, both for the provided liveries and others elsewhere. Great!
great packs...