BMW E36 325i S1 1.1

Chui's BMW E36 325i

  1. MaksimTheStig
    Screenshot_bmw_e36_m3_sedan_s1_vallelunga-club_31-7-115-21-18-31.jpg Screenshot_bmw_e36_m3_sedan_s1_vallelunga_30-7-115-18-26-42.jpg Model, Lights, and Sounds: Maksim
    Physics: Darrin Hillier reworked by Chui
    UI: Patrick

    Based on Chui’s personal car. Both cosmetic and performance modifications have been added, with a lot of fine tuning to make sure we got everything as close as possible to what this car is like in real life.

    If you liked the car please consider making a donation to my paypal:

Recent Reviews

  1. eclip2
    Version: 1.1
    Physics are nice but 3D model needs some small improvements
    1. MaksimTheStig
      Author's Response
      it will be improved in final release =D
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