BMW e30 Touring 1.1

170 bhp road car

  1. v1.1

    - refined suspension geometry for a proper simulation of toe and camber changes

    - some performance improvements (LODs)

    - sunroof can be opened via setup menu

    - dirt and damage textures

    - several shaders tweaks

  2. 0.96

    physics and interior uv map fixes
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  3. v0.95

    Changes in car setup, tyres, 4WD drive
    - custom (S1) version gets LSD and stiffer suspension
    - fixed UI skin error (delete the old car folder before update)
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  4. v0.9

  5. update 1

    - Improved weight distribution, traction, springs, aero and tires.
    - Improved differentials for 325iX
    - stock rims for 325i
    - 3d fixes + AO
    - custom sound
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  6. hotfix

    Fixes for steering column, wrong mirrors mapping and rear apron.
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