BMW E30 Custom Livery TSG With Mag Color Selection 1.0

Dirt Rally Custom Livery / Skin BMW E30

  1. Mofo223
    More images further down
    Hello Everyone!
    This is my own custom skin for the BMW E30 in Dirt Rally. This is in no way a replica to any rally car, This is simply a livery i made for myself and i am uploading it for all of you to use.

    You have a choice between a simple install for those who dont want to spend more time then needed to install mods
    And there is a more complex install with 3 Wheel color choices.

    -Read the readme.txt for installation instructions-

    I am new to the RaceDepartment and hopefully this wont be my only upload :) I hope you enjoy my liveries and let me know what you think in the comments

    Please do not change this livery in any way, Do not reupload this livery to any other site.
    *If you wish to have a different number and name on the car or have any livery requests please contact me at
    Or you can add me on Steam= Mofo223

    This mod was created by Mofo223
    All copyrights go to Mofo223


    Rim Selection

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