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BMW E24 M6 for GTR Evo

BMW E24 M6 for GTR Evo 202012

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fixed by Stimpy aka Deauville:
- the fix for the steeringwheel
- resized the steeringwheel to a smaller size so it fits the driver hands
- the drivers seat is now separated from the cockpit, the ext-driver is now closer to the steeringwheel positioned
- front- and brake lights are reworked, rear- and reverse lights are added
- added missing chassis parts to the cockpit, the L and R mirrors where floating, also the wipers are now visible
- some corrections in the "BMW_M6.inccar" file such as: eyepoint, steeringwheelaxis, fpdriverposition, extdriverpostion and exhaust
- updated material settings for the windows (they are now more visible)
- fixed the cockpit view mirrors