BMW DTM Based Custom Skin Pack

BMW DTM Based Custom Skin Pack 1.2

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fixed some minor parts on white livery:
1. add more color & fix the edges on the paint around the seat so you won't see the glitchy edges around it. i keep the non-fixed ver for those who prefer the previous version with glitchy edges on it (see with Ryder PSSG editor to see the difference)
2. add more blue on stripes color.
this might be my final update. so enjoy these liveries & thanks for downloading.
*remember the background would not be included in this resource.... :roflmao:

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i noticed that there were some "ghosting" box shadows seen on engine cover (crowne plaza logo) if you're using the blue livery. i've fixed that already. now those boxes has been removed so you won't see those boxes again.
sorry for that & enjoy these liveries.