BMW DTM Based Custom Skin Pack

BMW DTM Based Custom Skin Pack 1.2

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all out attack with my 6th skin, a pack of BMW DTM custom liveries.
all cars are done only in HD. no SD at this moment. and replacing Mercedes.
this pack contains 3 different colors. black, white & blue. choose what do you like.
big thanks to ML2166 for his 3D car model.
make sure you have backed up your files before making changes.
to install, copy the skin to :
C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\F1 2013\cars\me2
(Your drive installation: )\F1 2013\cars\me2

last but not least, enjoy.

Latest updates

  1. minor fix for white livery

    fixed some minor parts on white livery: 1. add more color & fix the edges on the paint around...
  2. fixed the "ghosting" shadows

    i noticed that there were some "ghosting" box shadows seen on engine cover (crowne plaza logo)...

Latest reviews

5 Stars!
Henky SA
Henky SA
thanks! :D
Awesome work m8 :)
Henky SA
Henky SA
thanks mate :D
I love it!
Henky SA
Henky SA
thanks! :D
I just love your paints and renders man!
Henky SA
Henky SA
thanks! :D even these are not really perfect for me imo :D
Very nice skin! :) Too bad I have finished career mode already
Henky SA
Henky SA
well, just install this for fun buddy XD thanks :D
Great, 5* ;)
Henky SA
Henky SA
thanks buddy :D

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Henky SA
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