Bmw 1m Tune version version 1.02

Bmw 1m Tune version

  1. Didouc
    This is a tune version of the Bmw 1m
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Recent Reviews

  1. @ll@n
    Version: version 1.02
    Goddamn.... Nice car, Didouc!
    TY for the update!
  2. Jose Ferreira
    Jose Ferreira
    Version: version 1.02
    thank you
  3. Quinten Vermeulen
    Quinten Vermeulen
    Version: 1.01
    The car is definitely faster than the Original 1M and it's great for drifting, but the brakes are so sensitive that it's hard not to drift into a corner and it's basically impossible to do some competitive racing against AI-cars that run the same car because they crash into each other due to the brakes. Though it is a good mod and I would recommend it to drifters and people who have an agressive racing style.
    1. Didouc
      Author's Response
      Hi, i know that the brakes are the problem i try soon to resolve it
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