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BMW 1M Graphics Improvement 1.2

Shaders, AO, Wheels, and Lights for Kunos BMW 1M and S3

  1. Aratbone
    New rim shaders and brake AO
    Exterior AO and shaders/maps including Exhaust Tips
    Color matched door handles as per the real car
    Removed green tint from glass and tyres
    New rear lights AO, textures and shaders
    Cleaned up badges
    Darkened interior a bit(Not much else I could do as it isn't properly mapped)

    Plus I've learned a dds export trick to make the textures even smaller than the originals(which were already compressed) in some places. Overall kn5 is 6MB lighter than Kunos'.

    To install: Just extract into assettocorsa directory and then run JSGME to enable, or drag and drop into Content Manager making sure 'Enable Immediately' is checked.
    Will not cause checksums online, and can be easily disabled this way.

    front.gif rear.gif S3.gif side.gif
    PS: The jagged pixel line on the bottom edge of the door windows and on the roof trim is a known problem. It's like that in the kunos texture as well, I just can't be bothered to spend the time manually fixing it. If anyone cleans that up, message me and we can update the download.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Jordan Dion
    Jordan Dion
    Version: 1.2
    Thank you!
  2. leon_90
    Version: 1.1
    As per usual!
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