BLM Lights 1.9.4

Lights, FPS, Digital Flags, Vertex AO, Brightness, Wet Road

  1. New app: rain, wipers, mirrors and car repositioning

    • ver. 1.7
      • A new app on your AC taskbar (BLM Car Settings) to set:
        • rain
        • wipers
        • mirrors
        • car repositioning (reset, step back)
    Starting and stopping rain also starts and stops wipers
    Starting wipers starts rain, but stopping wipers doesn't stop rain (you might want to enjoy rain without wipers on...)

    Cycle through the mirrors with the orange switch and adjust position and FOV. Also enable/disable car shown in mirrors.

    You can reset car position. From shaders patch notes:
    reset car to the track or go 300 meters back (only works offline in single car sessions, invalidates laps)

    A quick video of the new functions:

    In order to use the app you need to have installed at least Lights Shaders Patch v0.1.23-preview92-rc2

    Thanks for using my app!

    Should you ever wanted to offer me a (cold) beer :thumbsup:
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