Blancpain GT Sport Club Misano 2017 StileF Squadra Corse 1.3


  1. MajkiMajk
    Hi and enjoy ;-)

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Recent Reviews

  1. Pizzarelli
    Version: 1.2
    great skin , but the pirelli logo must all the way up on the front bumper, please check the real picture :)
    1. MajkiMajk
      Author's Response
      Omg -_- sorry, I knew I forgot something also I'll add a little bit bigger graphics to the front mask(Soul Food). Thx for the report. ;-)
  2. Tormentor
    Version: 1.1
    Nice, but the original is way more black. Can you remove some red parts and make the car more darker please?
    1. MajkiMajk
      Author's Response
      I corrected, I hope it will be good. :-)