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Blackwood RELOADED (UHD Version) 0.8

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This Conversion is permited by Live For Speed Dev Team:

Live for Speed (LFS) is a racing simulator developed by a three person team comprising Scawen Roberts, Eric Bailey, and Victor van Vlaardingen. The main focus is to provide a realistic racing experience for the online multiplayer game and to allow single player races against AI cars. Users can set personal bests which can then be uploaded to LFSWorld in hotlap mode, and take driving lessons in 'training' mode.

I release the BETA 0.8 in the UHD Version (some 4K textures).

0.8 Track specifications:
- 18 pitboxes (more pitboxes with new pit lane model soon)
- working pitlane
- fully working AI
- trackmap

Extract to Assetto Corsa tracks folder and race it. Use Winrar 5.21!

If you Enjoy what we do here at AC , pls making a donation.

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278.2 MB
First release
Last update
4.88 star(s) 68 ratings

Latest updates

  1. Replay Camera Fix

    Here are first reworked replay cameras for the track. Extract from archive to the...

Latest reviews

There is a bug that prevents lap from being counted when you cross the control line in the pitlane. Other aspects are great!
Holy Moly this is great work! Outstanding track, well done!
I come back here for rate one of my favorite track since i was kid ! 5 stars mate you deserve 6 stars ! thx for this lot of memoriz
I can't find a reason to fault this track. Beautifully detailed and immersive. Thank you.
Great track to drive and beautifull and detailed textures.
epic track
AWESOME but the on the bridge after the big tyre bridge 'goodyear', the pub 'LIVE FOR SPEED' flicker, it's probably not well placed in the 3DSMAX....
Awesome good old LFS!
Beautiful, and a great track too!
Very good looking. i have spent a lot of hours on this track in LFS. i'm very happy to see this track for assetto corsa.

Can you also make the latest updated version from this track including the parkingplace and industrial area ?
Top 3 non-AC track for sure. The 4K textures are mind blowing good when playing on my triple 10K monitor setup.
Why havent I looked at this before!!!???....Absolutely first class. Thank you.

Show left-right spline fix by Assetto Corsa Fanboy

Assetto Corsa - GrandSurf - Track Mod - Blackwood Reloaded V.0.8 UHD (T500RS)(Full HD)(Cockpit-Cam)
Assetto Corsa - GrandSurf - Track Mod - Blackwood Reloaded V.0.8 UHD (T500RS)(Full HD)(TV-Cam)
REALLY top notch. I like everything about it. Track, surroundings, road feel, flow... kudos !
This version is more pleasant than the Blackwood 1.0
Cette version est bien plus agreable que le Blackwood 1.0

Very good work
So much potential here to add AC's details to Blackwood, but it's like asking Moby to remix Sergeant Pepper album. Loads of unnecessary crap added, plants everywhere, still solid concrete tyres and all of the Blackwood charm removed.

Terrible track from talented people. Less is more.
This is one jaw dropping eye candy. Running it on 4K, just unbelievable.
Love this track..Thanks for your hard work. Much appreciated.
I Wish i could give you more stars than 5. because this track is incredible, this is what i want to see stuff like this. i love how you made the track look dirty in places. and tire marks on the corner bumps this track is amazing. 20 stars for this track. i really hope we will see more tracks from you in the future. assetto corsa really deserves this kind of quality tracks. is much better than project cars the driving physics is better. in AC. we just need the tracks to match. this is a match. i love this track so well done. good to see quality tracks like this. thankyou.
I love this track, very neat high-detail version of the original LFS track. Are you planning on converting other tracks to AC? I like the city-long map for instance?, since we do not have a City track (aka Monaco) for AC, but i would love to see that one in AC as well ;) Tnx for the great effort.
My favourite so far! Grat job! Thank you!
Thank you for all your efforts in providing this beautiful looking track which drives very well too, a must have AC mod.
need to be fixed the timer when u cross the finish line from the box..
Very nice track, good texturing makes it feel and look "alive". :)
One of the most professional none Kunos tracks out there, runs smooth with full field, looks gorgeous, just EPIC..!
Why not use a standard tool for creating the archive like 7Zip. now i have to install winrar extra for that....
For higher compression < 300mb ;).
Great work, looks amazingly good. Thank you!
I love the reloaded concept and I can think a few more tracks that could really beneficiate of a similar treatment
10 stars... really nice
very good
very nice
very nice track thanks
Very good - thanks :)
One of the best track conversion so far 10/10 THX!!!
Stunning work, thank you!