Blackcelica's Cinematic & natural graphics mod 1.0

A natural reshade filter with subtle cinematic effects

  1. blackcelica
    Unpack and copy the files in to your main Project cars 2 folder.
    Set your exposure in the games settings menu to 1.80.
    You will need to tell the game where your shaders & textures folders are by manually editing the d3d11.ini file. Don't worry, easy stuff, just open with notepad.
    Once this is all done you should be enjoying a more natural set of colour tones with a very subtle cinematic effect without a hit on FPS. This filter makes slight alterations to sharpness, ambient light, Gaussian blur, bloom, vignette and the overall colour tone. Give it a try, I hope you like it.
    Use SHIFT-F10 to open reshade panel to tweak further and it's the backspace key to switch effects on and off during play.

Recent Reviews

  1. Surtur
    Version: 1.0
    this is nice too. but i prefer de reshade and special preset from juanbonX
    1. blackcelica
      Author's Response
      Well I prefer dark chocolate biscuits but I wouldn't rate milk chocolate biscuits 4 stars just because of that fact....
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