Black Edition UI by team GSV

Black Edition UI by team GSV 1.3

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Default UI - Black Edition by team GSV : based on the standard user interface - 1080p FullHD (1920x1080px).
Changes concerning the rFactor2, gave it a more modern look.

Required Build 1008 or higher

If you find this work useful and would like to support my efforts on the further development of the project, you can always make a donation through PayPal ( ).

Please leave your comments, error messages, and tips for improvement in the forum thread.

Installation order
1. Downloaded Black Edition by team GSV place it in the folder rFactor2 / Packages
2. Run manage mods in the list, find the previously placed file , select and click install
3. To run the game rFactor2, go to options - user interface and choose set Black Edition by team GSV
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Latest updates

  1. Black Edition by team GSV ver1.3

    - when selecting the session settings (yes/no) to change the background - removed dropping...
  2. Black Edition by team GSV ver1.2

    fixed: Track icon is now displayed fixed: the choice of a vehicle in multiplayer now correctly...
  3. Fix fonts

    Incorrect display font. Now fixed.

Latest reviews

Great UI, but sadly I can barely read the text, the font is completely messed up. How to explain... it looks like the text is resized by 300 percent, pixelated. Any solutions?
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The best
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Was waiting for a new UI, thanks a lot man, it looks really cool :)
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Super Merci
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Freaking amazing..
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Awesome ! new to RF2 and this make rf2 very slick look miles better than the default one.
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I love this UI, it has a very sharp and clean look...Great job!!!
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Very, very good.
Clean looking, much better than standard.
Well done.
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This is awesome, I love it! Great work, thank you!
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2 things

Great for leaving in rfcmp and not archived, WD

second people should be aware to check default ui each new builds as any extra controls added will not work with a old Ui
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Классно сделано! Твой вариант, на сегодняшний день, мне больше всех нравится. Спасибо!
Thank you for your feedback and comment
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Very cool mate,cheers
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