Bikernieki Race Track 0.6

Biķernieki Race Track in Riga, Latvia

  1. Bikernieki Race Track v0.6

    This was supposed to be a bugfix (v0.55) release, but I managed to squeeze some new features aswell, so 0.6 it is.

    - AI pit stop fix for 'Oval' and 'Skill' layouts
    - AI wall crash fix for 'Oval' layout
    - Hotlap spawn point fix for 'Oval' and 'Skill' layouts
    - As per request I included brake and apex cones in 'Open Cruise layout' (with a possibility to load them via .ini file in any other layout)
    - name inscriptions in race track of those 4 who donated me some money, go discover the location!
    - 3D grass! various level of detail for grass models
    - more accurate specular maps for asphalt materials
    - added new sponsor banners
    - trees, foliage and grass is "greener"
    - removed unnecessary skidmarks
    - some minor tweaks for UV texture coordinates

    here, some narrow angle screenshots featuring Formula Easter from (jurik1984):

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