Beyond Reality Sweet FX Preset By Me (SK LaTeuRe) 1.0

Realistic tone, HDR, enhanced FXAA, Better Bloom,

  1. Sky0_0
    Hey Drivers,

    I'm Here to share with you my preset of Sweet FX.

    It will give you a more realistic immersion by a more natural tone, a better HDR, FXAA, MSAA.

    Just have to copy/paste the files in your game directory C:/ProgramFilesx86/Steam/....

    If Someone can help me to make a Video of this preset, i have a poor connection, i cant upload fast to youtube :/

    pCARS 2015-06-09 21-53-22-03.jpg
    pCARS 2015-06-09 21-53-37-53.jpg
    pCARS 2015-06-09 21-53-37-53.jpg
    pCARS 2015-06-09 21-55-07-86.jpg
    pCARS 2015-06-09 21-53-18-38.jpg