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Better Visibility Mod for 599XX/ MP4-12C GT3 1.0

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Great job ! And absolutely necessary for me because some of the seats settings don't work with my trackir in AC.

Thank you so much !
Very Nice. This is really a neat mod. Thanks! ;)
using a small 21.5 monitor those banner are just nonsense and a handicap especially on nurburg but some other tracks too .
thanks for delivery mate
Thanks so much my friend ... this is fantastic ! Visibility is what I wanted and you delivered ... many thanks for your work as it is truly appreciated :D
Well, goal is executed nicely, but I do not understand the extra visibility thing. I'm now able to see more sky, which is not important at all, so the added visibility does not matter for racing purposes, IRL i would get blinded by the sun this way so I would prefer the banners. No offense, but I find this mod rather pointless, therefor 3 stars out of 5 ;)
tres utile
Great Idea !!!! Finalmente ...