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Better Sorting, Brand Badges & Reiza's Style TGA Image for CIGT 2016 by Sylphide 1.11

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Some models were wrong. For example, both the Audi R8 LMS and R8 Ultra appeared together as a single car model. Happened too with Ferrari and Lamborghini. It is corrected now.

The usual thing: download and replace all.
ATTENTION: If you have this mod and want to update, delete the files ITGT.srs & ITGT.tga in your series folder. This is because I renamed them to ITGT16, for people who have more than one CIGT season.

- Driver position for all cars has been changed to something more acceptable than what it is like on default settings on the original EEC_GT3 mod. At least is acceptable to me.
- Forget about GT or Super GT. All cars seem to have similar performance. Now, as per Reiza standards, classes are sort on Competition Series > Brand and model > Team Name
(CIGT 2016 > Lamborghini Estupendo > Pierre Nodoyuna)

That's it! Have fun!