Better Far Chase Camera 1.0

An NFSU2-like camera.

  1. Etrius
    Just extract it in your Grid 2 folder, and overwrite all the files.
    and before... ofc, MAKE A BACKUP of your "cars" folder!

    [Known Issue]
    "It seems" that it doesn't affects Tier 4 cars, have yet to play and unlock more cars to see if its all of T4 cars. D:

    And, please report any other suggestion/bug u guys find, and i'll fix if i'm able to do so.

    grid2 2013-05-30 19-56-37-65.jpg grid2 2013-05-30 19-58-56-11.jpg grid2 2013-05-30 20-05-36-25.jpg grid2 2013-05-30 20-05-52-27.jpg