Benetton F1 - car + driver suit (based on Manor) 2

benetton f1

  1. maradona677
    Hello, that's my benetton f1. I know it's not perfect, but I'm pawing.


    1. benettondriversuit.jpg
    2. benettondriversuit1.jpg
    3. benettoncar4.jpg
    4. benettoncar1.jpg
    5. benetton5.jpg
    6. benettoncar2.jpg
    7. benetton9.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Freaky
    Version: 2017-08-12
    My eyes say no
  2. destinationriver
    Version: 2017-08-12
    Great idea, terribke made. Most of the logos have such a bad quality, the old suits are still shining through, nothing else than the skin of the car and the suit really changed... rework it completly and you'll get better ratings ;)