Bear Tooth Hill Climb V1

Hill Climb A to B

  1. rudderz666
    Beartooth Highway, Montana, USA V1 Beta

    I have made this track based on the above name it is a steep hill climb about 3k long running just off the bear tooth Highway.

    I thought it would be nice to do something abit different as im a fan of A to B tracks.

    This is my first ever official track release using RTB and tried to do this the best that i can do i am aware it mite not be to everyone's taste in quality but its dam fun to drive with a quick way to the bottom to start again :roflmao:
    The track surface its self is smooth however the road is not this is how its meant to be you cant just hammer it round.

    Track Map
    Add Cameras
    AI Line
    Check points
    Minor Bug
    Wall to add on one spot
    General visual stuff like adding more stuff less trees :p

    I will add these in due time after i have had to start this project again twice now it was alot longer too just wanted to get out what i had as people are waiting for me :(

    Im sure some people will find the odd issue with it here and there bug wise please leave me some feedback i will try to get each bit fixed asap and thank you for trying it out.


Recent Reviews

  1. cYcLoNe
    Version: V1
    Utter trash bro, stick to Forza rips on facebook please.
    1. rudderz666
      Author's Response
      Ent it funny steve how you get banned from my group for acting like a child whos lost his dummy because you you couldnt get your own way again.. but its ok you bash on my first tack release months after its released after you had betas and was kissing my ass about it but as its the only way you can get a point across i will let ya have this one as clearly your the 40 year old man who had the mental age of a 4 year old so thanks again for trying we have new versions now after such great feedback
  2. Bluethefurry
    Version: V1
    Very fun track, but the elevation changes on some parts are too sharp, i would definetely recommend evening out the road so it isnt that extreme, otherwise really fun track!
    1. rudderz666
      Author's Response
      thank you for trying it i am currently looking at it all now and hoping to get update out later tonight :)
  3. Sascha|Klang
    Version: V1
    I like the layout. I know that u were making the track uneven for reason. But instead of those extreme trackheight changes that take you airborne if too fast or take you under the map if the car is too low, you maybe wanna work with off axis curves and a bit lower heightchanges. The ramp in the End is a funny idea, but you have to disable auto pit if car is flipped in the cfg. Even when done that its unusual to land it without ripping the wheels or falling thru the map.

    My suggestions:
    -Lower heightchanges in track and compensate with more complex curve structure.

    -Get rid of the ramp and set a finish or a proper way down to pits. (I know it should be a A to B Track, would be nice to see 2 versions. A to B + Loop)

    - Altho i like Beartooth (Great Band really) the Preview of the Track looks bad with this ripped picture from google. Content Manager allows to easily create a preview based on the road surface.

    Those are just my thoughts to this project. I see potential.

    1. rudderz666
      Author's Response
      Thanks first thank you for trying it im aware its not 100% to everyones taste im trying my best to get it spot on the road is very much up and down there like it is here in game but ill see what i can do to improve this is my 1st version and 1st ever track for that matter i well defo be looking into the points you have made for me and glad of your feedback cheers
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