Bayetas Mod 0.8

Race Immersion Mod

  1. narkohol
    GRID2 BayetasMod 0.8 PC - Race Immersion Mod is a complete overhaul of GRID2 aimed at providing a realistic and immersive racing experience.

    Tested in: Fanatec GT2 Wheel (FW 756 - 540º) – Logitech G27 - Xbox 360 Pad (Corded and Wireless) - Razer Onza Tournament

    1. New physics and car settings/handling for higher realism.

    2. 12 new Immersive Camera Views + Replay cameras. (for a list of cameras see below)

    3. Improved lighting and visuals rendering. Lots of changes both in locations and cameras settings for a more realistic look. Softer lens flares, adjusted colour balance, tonemap, DoF, motion blur, distortion, bloom, dust, streaks, etc.

    4. Optimized HQ Settings for top visuals quality and performance (+60fps @ 2560x1440 - Radeon7970)

    5. Improved ForceFeedback for wheels. (You may need to recalibrate your ingame FFB strengths balance using it, but this FFB is MUCH more realistic if you drive using a wheel)

    6. TrackIR support. Works too during Flashbacks and in realtime during Replays. There is a special camera support in Cameras 2 and 3 (Extreme Immersive strength 1-2) that allows to use a control to turn the head back smoothly while using TrackIR all the time to look backwards.

    7. No Engineer speech during the race.

    8. Realistic used tyres textures.

    9. No Intro logo videos.

    10. No stickers.

    SPA Francorchamps Brands Hatch Red Bull Ring Hong Kong - 60fps HQ Video

    Japan - Alfa Romeo C4 - 60fps HQ Video

    Barcelona - Cameras 1 to 6 - Nissan Fairlady Z - 60fps HQ Video

    Barcelona – Cameras 3, Replay, 12 - Nissan Fairlady Z - 60fps HQ Video

    Gameplay Video in Camera 3 (Extreme Immersive 2) with TrackIR

    4 cameras

    9 Cameras

    If you like this mod and would like it to be improved leave your comments and suggestions below. Any kind of constructive feedback will be appreciated.


    1. Barcelona_Day_Columbus_Fairlady.jpg
    2. Barcelona_Day_Fairlady_02.jpg
    3. grid2_avx 2013-10-09 02-05-43-07_resize.jpg
    4. grid2_avx 2013-10-09 02-13-04-81_resize.jpg
    5. grid2_avx 2013-10-09 03-14-31-18_resize.jpg
    6. Barcelona_Day_Fairlady_resize.jpg
    7. BayetasMod_05_Japan_03.jpg
    8. BayetasMod_05_Japan_04.jpg
    9. BayetasMod_05_Japan_01.jpg
    10. BayetasMod_Brands_Hatch.jpg
    11. BayetasMod_Hong_Kong_2.jpg
    12. BayetasMod_Bathurst.jpg
    13. BayetasMod_Brands_Hatch_2.jpg
    14. BayetasMod_Red_Bull_Ring.jpg
    15. BayetasMod_Hong_Kong.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. mikeblueberry
    Version: 0.8
    Can confirm the camera files work on MAC version of Grid 2, although I had to install them manually (approx' 10 mins copy/paste). This mod BLEW MY MIND it is so good and has totally changed the feel and excitement to extreme levels. Thank you for the work you put into this mod, it's much appreciated.
  2. Max795952443
    Version: 0.8
    most cars don't have the cockpit view
  3. B.W.McG
    Version: 0.8
    Have used before and was very satisfied with the MOD. Performs as advertised.
  4. MysticReverie
    Version: 0.8
    Please can someone help me install this.
    It wouldn't run when I used the mod.
    I tried to use it without the mod, but just dragging and dropping the 'features files' into the game files
    The game ran, but I was unable to change camera view, it was stuck behind the car at bumper level!
    Please can someone tell me exactly what to d owith hte mod files, and the features files?
  5. Alex.Outer
    Version: 0.8
    Great job. Thanks!
  6. DemondBlack
    Version: 0.8
  7. Rudy Pessotto
    Rudy Pessotto
    Version: 0.8
    good work men
  8. tounkuramber
    Version: 0.5
  9. f4c3x
    Version: 0.5
    i love it, best mod for the game... makes the game how it have to be
    i wished there where a way to play it in multiplayer
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