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BarcelonaDRS AIW & TDF Fix Deleted 1.0

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Alternative AIW & TDF files for BarcelonaDRS

Important: I have NOT converted/uploaded any of the original rFactor files as I have no permission to do so.
These files are for use as updates to the original track, for anyone who already has it.

What these files do:

The AIW file controls the paths, fuel use, and some behaviour of the AI.
The TDF file controls the grip & bump levels of various surfaces.
The original Barcelona 0710 AI behaviour is already pretty good, but there are one or two big problems that only become obvious when you start a race, or in particular in longer races, when AI tyres start to wear.

1) Through Turns 6 / 7/ 8, before going onto the back straight, the AI often get out of control & spin out when going over the kerbs ;

2) The AI get very loose and half-spin over several other kerbs ;

3) the biggest problem - during longer races, when AI enter the pits with worn tyres, almost all cars crash into the wall as they drive into the pits. Depending on the mod being used, sometimes half the field will DNF due to an accident at this wall.

These AIW & TDF files have been created to resolve these problems, may be an improvement for most open wheel cars. They should also work equally well in rFactor.


Simply back up your original AIW & TDF and insert these in their place.
NOTE at this circuit, BOTH of these files are needed to reduce the problem of AI spinning or sliding on the kerbs. (You can use the files individually if you wish, but they definitely work best when both are used at this track)


Changes made:
Minor adjustment to overall dry grip level & rumble Grip levels, to improve grip, cornering and overall consistency for AI.

Pit entry path re-drawn, corridors adjusted, to fix problem of AI crashing into wall when entering pits on worn tyres.

Fast path re-drawn to move cars off some kerbs which were causing them to spin too frequently.

AI cars adjusted so they are less likely to slow down or give up the place when pushed.
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