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Barber (3 Seasons) 1.20

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I was not going to release this track for AMS because of some thongs ennoying me but... well, I did a lot of work on it for GSC so why not.
I fixed the road reflection bug, reworked some textures and curbs, added dynamic track and implemented two new seasons.
You can fin some innacuracies here and there but I think it can be a nice track to drive anyway.

Thanks to Scott Juliano for permissions.
Thanks to Denis for loading screens
Thanks to Kyttix for the tree
Thanks to Gringo for the AIW work.

Latest updates

  1. Maintenance update

    (Barber_AMS_V1.20.7z) MD5 = 3624B8E6612D2E7D797D79B8D2767D2B Special note : It should be...
  2. grass and temp updates to all seasons

    grass and temp updates to all seasons
  3. Single track package of Barber MSP for AMS to syncronize with the MEGA pack v1.2

    This is the same track version as found in the 24 track MEGA pack update v1.2 in a single track...

Latest reviews

Awesome track, very good job thanks for share
The Nordschleife is BORING compared to this track!
Definitely one of the best tracks I've ever driven!
Exceptional, so well done. Thank you for sharing.
This works great.
Beautifully done. Such a joy to drive. Thanks so much for all that you do.
One of my all time favorite Tracks! Thank you for all the updates.
Excellent Quality as always.
Incredible, methodical update work for our benefit.
was working before update, now with AMS v1.5 it crash with " ERROR loading fall.mas" file, sad thing.
Thank you for a great update.
Thank you very much for one of my favourite (and most scary) tracks. It looks stunning.
great track
Super work mate ..thanks for your time and for sharing a great mod.
I love this track. Amazing!
Nice work!
You nailed it! I've spent two days on track at Barber, and going back in three weeks for another two days. It feels so right.
Good stuff!!
fantastic,Thanks....great for racing on.
Fun track, thanks for the continued updates as always. :)
Wohoo thank you!
Patrick Giranthon
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118.4 MB
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5.00 star(s) 38 ratings

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