Balloons, a blimp and a couple of choppers for Bahrain 2020

Balloons, a blimp and a couple of choppers for Bahrain 2020 15.02.2020

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This will add a bunch of track-specific balloons, a Mobil blimp and two TV choppers with animated rotors to the rather excellent Bahrain 2020 circuit update by jk0011. The balloons and the blimp all have slightly randomised positions, with balloons and choppers mixed up a bit for variety between the GP and Endurance layouts. Almost all of the balloons are new designs that have been created for this circuit to be sympathetic with the location and with track sponsors, eg DHL, Total, Rolex, Motul, NBB, BisB, Michelin.
To remove any balloons, just rename or delete their kn5 (renaming is better as it allows you to easily add them back later). You do not need to edit either of the models_X.ini files, the missing references will be ignored.
To install, unzip to your 'tracks' folder and overwrite when asked. In the folder is a text file with a download link for the track, in case you do not have it.
If you're subsequently using this track online and want to remove the new balloonschoppers to avoid potential checksum errors then make a backup of the original models.ini first so that you can easily revert.
Thanks again to Tberg/LisSki for the blimp model.






New track limits, pitlanes, ideal lines, outlines & maps by LiquidSkyMan
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Atmosphere is great, especially at Sunset. Love it and the track
It improves the atmosphere of the circuit a lot