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Bahrain 1.0

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"A year ago, McNolo was working on a conversion of CTDP’s Bahrain track to rFactor2. Today, he released his track to the public."
"Note, that CTDP gave permission for the conversion, but was not actually involved. We thank him for the conversion"


There are 5 layouts with 3 GP variants included with the track:
•Grand Prix 2012 (1 DRS zone, free to use out of DRS zone in practice and qualifiying)
•Grand Prix 2013 (2 DRS zones limited to use all weekend only in DRS zones)
•6 Hours of Bahrain (Grand Prix Layout but with more garages, 18 teams + 2 located on the outside = 40 cars)
•Endurance (same garages than 6 Hours)
•Paddock (same garages than 6 Hours)
•Outer (same garages than 6 Hours)




This circuit has been developed and updated by McNolo to rFactor 2, on the basis of the CTDP version for rFactor(1) and with the necessary permits.

Known issues:

- Marshal's flags work correctly in offline mode, but not in online mode. I've done lots of tests but i haven't found anything that can cause the error. Theoretically, if the flags work in offline mode should work in online too, but it's not the case. This seems to be a bug of the game and therefore ISI must be who should solve it.


I want to thank Dahie and CTDP for the trust and the support. Also to RaceRfactor (, its administrators (to Lagg especially) for giving me logistical support and their drivers for testing one track layout in one of his test races.
Finally, I would like to thank all the people who supported me in this project. Even if you don't believe it, your support is a great source of motivation for me.

Latest reviews

Really immersive track, very nice to practice the upcoming race this weekend :) >
great !!!
very good, thanks
Great Work :)
Fantastic work.
great work ,thanks .

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