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Bahrain International Circuit (All Layouts)

Bahrain International Circuit (All Layouts) 1.8

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Thank you to everyone who has provided me with feedback and suggestions, I really appreciate it.

  • Shaders tweaks to fix some bits and pieces.

  • Added objects that I previously deleted, should help to add some more life to the circuit.

  • Some general changes to try and help the circuit feel less empty.
Fixed some runoff that wasn't solid.

The groove is now more accurate to the racing line.

Fixed a fence that had a big gap in it.

Added a light to turn 2.

The secondary pitlane is now lit at night.

The Lollipop man should now be the correct size.

Fixed the UV mapping in some areas.

Added a second set of 'closer to the action' cameras to the 5 main track layouts.

Lowered the Test Circuit cameras.

Tweaked the reflectivity of some objects.

New asphalt texture and material properties. The texture loops should now be more subtle.

Flipped the normals on some objects that were invisible.

The crowd is now lit at night.

The Paddock is now lit at night.

Tweaked the lighting to try and find a better mid-ground between ppfilters.

Updated some sponsor placements.

Small tweaks to try add more life to the circuit at night.

Got the file size down.
I would like to start by apologising for all the constant updates, I just really want this track to be as good as possible.

Second, I would like to thank everyone who has given me feedback and suggestions, I really appreciate it :) .

The update:
I forgot to apply the spawn fix from the previous update to the hotlap spawns as well. They should now also be fixed.
Suddenly managed to recreate the issue where some cars would have really heavy traction and be undriveable as a result. The issue was being caused by one or more wheels spawning partially in the ground.

The issue seems to be fixed.
Treating this as the track being done, will update if something major comes up.

  • The tower is now lit up at night.
  • Added geotags etc.
  • The track will now show up as "Bahrain International Circuit" in Content Manager.
  • Groove now on all main track layouts.
  • Groove no longer clips into the ground.
  • DRS boards and brake distance boards are very slightly illuminated at night so that they actually show up.
  • Fixed a couple of digital flags that were not working.
The skid marks no longer cut the groove.

The road surface is no longer super reflective at night.

Updated the grass texture so that the texture loops are more subtle.

The grass shader is now slightly darker.

Added Custom Shaders Grass FX.
I realised one of the kerbs wasn't solid, I have now fixed this.

Tweaked the reflectivity of the road surface.
Hopefully fixed the issue where the night lighting was really dark for some users. The issue was to do with certain PP Filters.

"default" still causes issues, but "default_bright" seems to be okay.

I recommend using A3PP, which can be found here: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/a3pp-beautiful-ppfilter-for-assetto-corsa.24258/
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