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Reworked Textures. Banners & Guard Rails from F1 2016. Real Circuit Lights

  1. Daniel Paez
    BAHRAIN 2017 - HYPER REAL 1.5

    (Based on Chianamik and Neffo`s Fantastics Works)
    2017 Mod By Pedro XIII


    - Pirelli and Rolex Banners from F1 2016
    - Guard Rails (Grey, Orange and White) from F1 2016.
    - Reworked P-Zero and DHL banners from Real Life
    - Rolex Clock from Real Life
    - Reworked Terrain Banners at Box Line
    - Pit Wall 2017, all Teams
    - Mix HD Textures and Light Textures.
    - Podium Real Life (Adapted)

    Sorry for my Fatal English

    LONG LIFE TO F1 2014!!

Recent Reviews

  1. Racer501
    Version: 1.5
    Men i love your mod by just seeing the screenshots but i download it and i try to open the rar file and it says "the archive have and unknow file or its damaged", you can help me giving me another link or something?
  2. igearzone16
    Version: 1.5
    What lighting dude, it back to codemasters bad lighting, you have some preserved lights from my and neffos mods in the past, but its just dull... the breaks are to bright ..... You got Bahrain looking like the old Bahrain.. without lighting... If you call it lighting. THEN MAKE SOME LIGHTING THAT POPS ...
    1. Daniel Paez
      Author's Response
      Thank`s for the 5 Stars. The original Neffo mod had a shadow problem on the cars. He himself recognized it. That's why I did not work directly on that mod. It would have been the best. I am not a software programmer. I just a old gamer trying to make F1 2014 not die. Apologize if you do not like the mod, but it is what there is.I will continue with my work. If you want to cooperate it will be wonderful. My respects ... and I hate your dancing trees..
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