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Backpack (Inventory mod)

Backpack (Inventory mod) 1.0.14

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Very usefull mod but doesn't work, many errors on last modloader
does not work in MSCmodloader 1.7
it are saying error
Whenever i load the game the mod is disabled because it spat out too many errors. fix it and maybe ill download it again
error :c
game doesent work with this mod
When I load it in I get alot of errors and the mod does not work at all, this mod would be 5 stars if it worked!
doesnt work now, outdated
doesn´t work
Release the source code, I'm sure someone could update it for you.
This does not work :( It says that too many errors occurred.
Can you please update the mod!
I haven't had time to update this mod, but seeing as there is a new alternative by Wampa842 (Carry More), I've decided to cease updating.
doesn´t work. pls update
Doesn't Work :'(
doesn't work
this was an amazing mod but needs update not functioning with most recent mod loader or game update
doesnt work :'(
only because it has not been updated to work with current version of the game
Not Working, too many errors(console error, it said report it to author)
Hearthbreaking that it's not working update this ASAP i can't go without